Value Through Innovation and Community Growth

Innovation in Real Estate

Being responsible for quality investment real estate development requires a long-term perspective when making investment decisions. ECD Company has always developed diversified funding sources, used debt carefully, and wisely spent money to create value.
Hotel EMC2, Autograph Collection
Hotel EMC2 Interior Lobby

The ECD Formula for Success

We look beyond the current market conditions and see opportunities for innovation and growth and understand the complexities to implement our vision.

Complex real estate development requires the collaboration and cooperation of many different stakeholders and a wide range of professionals. Our value add is through our inspired vision, we thread the needle between economically attractive opportunities for our capital providers, meeting the needs of next generation space users, and inspiring community support to accomplish our vision.

We stand out from our peers because of our unique capability to quickly incorporate, build and adapt new technology as it evolves. By adapting to changing circumstances, ECD Company stays ahead of the curve.