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Cindy Herzog

Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Herzog is an Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ECD Company and a senior member of its leadership team.


Ms. Herzog joined ECD Company in 2008 and is responsible for all leasing, tenant relations, operational management and development of its commercial and retail space. In addition, she oversees the operations and management of ECD Company’s portfolios of hotels, residential and other operating entities.  In such capacity, Ms. Herzog is integrally involved in new hotel and luxury multi-family residential development, construction, innovative technology research and ongoing full and partial renovations, seeing these projects through the stages of design, procurement, coordination, and execution. She is also responsible for the fiscal and physical operation and condition of all hotel, luxury residential and other operating entities, and the maximization of financial performance.  


Ms. Herzog brings over 25 years of hospitality experience, holding leadership roles covering every aspect of hotel development and ownership from the start to finish of planning, strategizing and preparing for the opening of new hotels and luxury multi-family residential, to maintaining operations with consecutive and uninterrupted highest-ranking performance.  Ms. Herzog’s numerous responsibilities include Multi-Unit Oversight, Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing, Food & Beverage Operations, Information Technology, Renovations and New Construction. 


Prior to joining ECD Company, Ms. Herzog was at the helm of a portfolio of hotels owned by affiliates of ECD Company including Marriott and Hilton brands, orchestrating and overseeing the Fiscal and Physical operations including Guest Satisfaction, Brand Standards and Ownership Relations and overall Asset Management in order to maximize financial performance. 


Ms. Herzog is passionate about helping those in need and has been involved in numerous charity activities with a focus on improving the lives of children, the care of elderly, and animal welfare.